Are the Worst Days of Winter Over?

By now I’ve given up hope that next month’s electric and gas bills will be less than what I paid on them in January.  For a whole week outside temperatures were below freezing, and we got another inch of snow on both Monday and Tuesday.  I seldom go out, except to go to work, and Leive gets out even less; the last time she set foot outside was last Monday, for a “member appreciation dinner” our church invited us to.

I understand it got down to 27 degrees this morning in Orlando, our former home town.  However, today it warmed up to 48, and it may even reach 50 tomorrow, so most of the snow from earlier in the week is gone, and I’m no longer afraid of weather-related problems when I drive.  Back in my Florida days I never would have considered 50 degrees “warm.”  Does this mean we can hope for a milder February?

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