Psst! Elmer Fudd? I Got a Wabbit Even You Can Catch Right Here!


More than once I have written about how the Palestinian media has poisoned one, maybe two generations of minds with hateful propaganda.  Here in this blog I followed the examples from a Gaza kiddie show, Pioneers of Tomorrow, and how their characters are terrible role models.  Not only do they preach hatred (there’s none of Barney the Dinosaur’s love here), but they’re a bunch of losers, too.  If you haven’t read them already, you may want to check out my messages from June 19, 2007, July 3, 2007, and February 26, 2008.

First we had Farfur, Mickey Mouse’s evil cousin.  When word got out about him over here, Farfur died in an Israeli prison, before the Disney corporation could sue the Palestinians.  Take it from a former resident of Orlando, you don’t want to mess with THAT mouse!  Farfur was replaced by Nahoul, a bumblebee who talked like a wasp.  Nahoul in turn got sick and died, when he couldn’t break through the Israeli blockade of Gaza.  Hmmm, I thought bees could fly, even though they’re not aerodynamically designed for it.  The next member of this strange family/zoo was Assud, the Jew-eating rabbit.  Now in the program broadcast on January 2, Assud is dying in a hospital, after getting hit by one of the Israeli airstrikes on Gaza (see the picture above), and he’s probably a goner by now.

From Little Green Footballs:  IDF Kills Giant Jew-Eating Rabbit

Again, I ask the question:  Can you see that happening to any kiddie show character in America?  Not Bugs Bunny, not Michey Mouse or Donald Duck, not Popeye, and definitely not our superheroes.  If any one of these protagonists couldn’t beat an opponent like the Israelis, he’d at least outwit them, like when Brer Rabbit did the briar patch routine.  “Pioneers of Tomorrow” needs to change its name, if nobody on it will live to see tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I will admit that the current round of violence in Gaza caught me by surprise; “Operation Cast Lead” started while I was out of down, visiting my father in my own version of “the old country” (central Florida).  Therefore I couldn’t read much of the news about it until I got back.  The usual folks are having demonstrations elsewhere, which quickly go from being anti-Israel to anti-Semitic.  In Ft. Lauderdale, FL, for example, one demonstrator shouted, “Go back to the oven! You need a big oven, that’s what you need!”  Gosh, for a group of folks who deny the Holocaust, they sure talk about it a lot.  And I heard about Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal describing the Israeli attack on Gaza as a “holocaust,” too, as he gave a fiery speech from Hamas headquarters in Damascus.  Note that his main sponsor, Iran, is run by another Holocaust-denier, and that he’s nowhere near the fighting.  A great role model for people who want to become martyrs, wouldn’t you say?


Hmmm, this guy isn’t talking about O. J. Simpson, is he?

I also find it encouraging that while there’s noise in the streets, there’s surprisingly little criticism from Arab governments of Israel’s response to all the rockets hurled on cities near the Gaza Strip.  The fact that Egypt has sealed its part of the border with the Gaza Strip shows that it doesn’t want the Palestinians any more than the Israelis do right now.  Nor do any Arab countries want to get involved.  Not the Egyptians, not the Jordanians, not the Syrians, not the Saudis.  Those who do want to get involved are either terrorists (Hezbollah) or non-Arabs (Iran).

Finally, there is hope even for the hopeless, if they stop looking to Allah.  Recently Fox news aired a special interview, where Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of a Hamas leader who converted to Christianity, tells his story.  In case you missed it, here’s a link to the online version.

Escape From Hamas

2 responses to “Psst! Elmer Fudd? I Got a Wabbit Even You Can Catch Right Here!

  1. Hamas is blatantly using the civilian population as human shields. Nobody is buying their propaganda this time, except the American news media. (No surprise there.) The Israelis are doing a good job of exposing this disregard for human life that Hamas has.

    Hamas stands against everything good, including healthy juice!

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