Now Comes the Tough Part of Winter

At least that’s how it was the last two years; November and December had some snow, but were mild compared with January and February.  Now the last two months have been as cold as what I’ve come to expect from January and February, so I’m wondering what to expect between now and March.  Earlier this week I got my gas bill for December — it’s a whopper, the biggest one I’ve received since moving to Kentucky.  Environmentalists, where’s global warming when you need it?

Today I had a challenge getting to work because the doors of my car were frozen shut; I ended up pouring some lukewarm water on the passenger side door, and once I was in, crawled over to the driver’s side.  Luckily there was no ice on the roads.  This evening I gave the engine some more antifreeze, just in case.  Nothing in my Florida years prepared me for winter driving like this.  In Orlando, the worst problem I was likely to deal with was ice on the windshield, which can form down there when the temperature’s as warm as 40 degrees; you don’t even have to know what antifreeze is.  Maybe I can persuade Leive to let me put my car in the garage, until we can get Kentucky registration for hers.

We had a blood drive at work on Tuesday.  Since I had no trouble giving blood when the bloodmobile came by last July, I participated again, but almost got disqualified because they asked more questions than ever.  The one that caught me was:  “Have you ever been to Africa?”  Well, yes, but I had to tell them it was back in 1979, before AIDS was even discovered.  Altogether I don’t think there were as many donors this time; in fact, I may have been the only one from my department.  All who showed up will be entered in a drawing for vacations to Memphis or Las Vegas, since today is Elvis Presley’s birthday.  If I win it should be interesting, though I’ve seen one Memphis already (the original one in Egypt, not the one in Tennessee).

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