Happy Birthday to Me (In Advance)

Next Wednesday I turn fifty, but because it is more convenient to get everybody together on a weekend, we celebrated last night at my pastor’s house, like we did last year.  Before I show you those pictures, Leive wanted everyone to see the citrus we currently have in the house.  While I was in Florida last week, I picked a bag of tangerines and a bag of calamondins (Philippine limes) from my father’s backyard.


It’s a little hard to see their true size here, inasmuch as the calamondins on the two plates in front are larger than normal (Filipinos prefer to pick and use them while they’re still green), and the tangerines on the plate in the rear are smaller than normal.  Calamondins, also known as kalamansi, are very sour, so they’re good in any recipe that calls for lemon or lime juice.  On the right is one of the pummelos I’ve been getting for Leive at Meijer; for some perspective, I put a quarter in front of it.


And here are all four of the pummelos we have right now.  The label on the nearest one is the same size as the quarter.  In Leive’s part of the Philippines they’re called bo’ongon, and Asians can’t get enough of them; once last month Leive invited her niece Rezia over to have one.  Then at last night’s party, we let Rezia have some of the calamondins, too.  I don’t think she has had any since she arrived in the United States!


Now onto the party itself.  Here the pastor’s wife lights the candles, and you can also see a green bean casserole, potato wedges, mashed potatoes, and sliced tangerines.


And here I’m blowing out the candles, with some moral support from Rezia and Gene.


Another view of the spread, this time with yellow rice and lumpias (egg rolls) in the front.


The main course was a whole turkey.  Alas, I didn’t get a picture of it until it had already been cut up.


Because green is my favorite color, Leive wore an all-green outfit that evening.  I joked that the green clothes and her blonde hair matched Brin-Brin’s color combination.  Long-time readers, have you noticed that our parrot, while mostly green, has a patch of yellow feathers on the back of his head and neck, where you’d expect to see hair on a person?  To show you, here’s Leive holding Brin-Brin, after we got home.


And another picture of the two.


Brin-Brin’s fancy nightlight, the one with the scrolling picture of goldfish, broke down a few days ago.  We probably ran it too much, having it on all the time to entertain him, while we were out of town.  Now Leive is trying to give him mental stimulation with the radio you see here.  Currently he’s likely to get excited whenever it is on, whether it’s playing music or coverage of the latest football game.  Silly parrot!

One response to “Happy Birthday to Me (In Advance)

  1. Happy Birthday! I will be away from the computer for the next two days, so I will send you the B-day wishes now.

    What does Brin-Brin think of that big plate of turkey? Does it put him into a little better submission?


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