Our December 2008 Trip to Florida

Leive & I returned on Monday from our trip to Florida.  Since Hanukkah ended Monday as well, I missed posting menorahs (“menorot”?) for the last four days, so here they are now, completing the set.

Although the weather and the timing would lead one to believe that this was just a Florida vacation, we went for three reasons:

  1. To visit my father.
  2. To sell my history textbook.
  3. To pick up the 1992 Nissan that my mother used to drive.  My father can’t use it anymore, so he’s giving it to Leive.


Poor Brin-Brin.  He knew something was different on the day we left, because we had company over and we covered up the cage for the night before leaving, though it was only 5 PM.  Here he is, giving us a bewildered look instead of going up to his perch.  Don’t worry, we left the heat on for the main floor of the house, and had friends come over twice a day to check on him, until we returned.

We flew from Lexington on a new airline, Allegiant Air, that recently started offering non-stop flights to four Florida destinations:  Sanford, St Petersburg, Punta Gorda and Ft. Lauderdale.  They seem to prefer smaller airports near tourist destinations, so we came into Sanford instead of Orlando International Airport.  However, for us Sanford is no farther than OIA from our destination, so that works out just fine, and avoids some airport traffic as well.  Furthermore, the tickets are dirt cheap during slower times than this (next month they will be as low as $29!), so I get the impression the air route was designed just for my family.  It was a strictly no-frills flight, though; no movies or headphones, and the prices they charge for all refreshments, even a bottle of water, make you think you’ve stepped into a movie theater.

I thought the Sanford airport served mainly private planes, but it turned out to be larger than Lexington’s Bluegrass Airport, though Sanford is much smaller than Lexington.  We had to get used to the climate change in a hurry; the windows steamed up as soon as we landed, and Leive said she was happy to sweat again.  My father and his caregiver showed up quickly enough to get us, just a minute after we claimed our bags.

For the church I used to attend, I ordered thirty-three copies of my book, and sold a total of twenty after the Friday night and Sunday morning services.  Previously I got a list of eighteen people who wanted the book, and six didn’t show up that weekend, so I left the remaining thirteen copies behind in the church office, after they promised to send me payment later.  Altogether I consider that part of the trip a success.


Leive did some more cleaning in my parents’ house.  The most unusual item she found was a box with a post-it note saying “For Scott for Christmas.”  Meaning it was a Christmas present for me.  Inside was a pen and a calculator; the calculator’s batteries had to be replaced before it worked.  Because my mother died last June, she must have put the box away in a previous year, and forgot about it.  Who knows how long it was in her closet?  Still, I lost my pen earlier that day, due to a hole in my pocket, so the present arrived at just the right time.  How about that!

We started driving back in the Nissan at 2 PM on Sunday.  Everything went fine while driving through Florida, but in Georgia we found that most of Interstate 95 is under construction, and when we got on Interstate 16, almost immediately we came upon an accident so bad that the highway ahead was closed off; we lost fifteen minutes getting around that.  Thus, we reached Lindy’s neighborhood late, but still had a good evening staying with her, Adam and their two dogs.  The next morning the weather cooperated perfectly, except for some rain at the beginning, and we had no more traffic problems, so we started out at 8:15 AM, reached Tennessee at 2:30, Kentucky at 5:30, and finally pulled into our driveway at 7:25 PM — an hour earlier than I had expected, after our previous road trips.  Here’s the Nissan, and to the right you can see my trusty Buick.


We both rested up yesterday, so I didn’t have anything to write until now.  The house is in good shape, and I’m glad to be back.  Happy New Year in advance, everyone!

One response to “Our December 2008 Trip to Florida

  1. That is amazing, that Mom left you a present. Since she had her stroke in April, she would have collected it before then. I am glad that you found it and were able to get it.

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