Christmas Loose Ends and Horsey Heaven

First of all, I want to thank Mike for his comment to my previous message.  Yes, it turned out the movie in question was “A Christmas Story.”  They mentioned it again on the radio this morning, and this time the DJ told us which movie he was talking about.  I still don’t remember hearing about it until now, though.  At the time it came out, I was living in central Florida.  How did I miss out, if it’s really considered a classic?  Maybe I’ll go rent the DVD.  I hope the city of Orlando didn’t ban it, the way it banned “Silent Night, Deadly Night” (a slasher movie about an axe murderer disguised as Santa Claus).

Twice in the past (July 15, 2007 and September 18, 2008), I wrote about Martin Castle, the horse farm two or three miles west of Bluegrass Airport that has a castle on it.  Well, this past weekend the local news reminded us again that it’s almost ready to receive guests; the plan is to have it ready as a very fancy bed-and-breakfast inn by the time of next year’s Kentucky Derby.  This weekend we also got a visitor who may very well be staying there, the next time she’s in the neighborhood — Princess Haya, the wife of the Sheikh of Dubai.  It turns out that like many other ladies, she dreamed of places with horses when she was a little girl, and now calls Kentucky “horse heaven,” claiming it is her favorite vacation spot.  No surprise there; my sister is like that, so sometimes I joke that she must wish she was here instead of me!

Princess On A Mission:  Dubai’s Haya

And just in case you’re in the area, and I’m not available to give you a scenic tour of the countryside, here are three self-guided tours that will take you past the prettiest farms.  I’ve been on the second and third tours already, as a result of the weekend excursions I used to take (mostly before Leive moved here).  I would also recommend taking Highway 68 in the other direction, to Wilmore or Harrodsburg.

Scenic Drives in Central Kentucky

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