The Return of Leive

Leive came back from Orlando today, on schedule and with no problems whatsoever. I didn’t even have to pick her up from the airport, because Rezia lives on that side of town and agreed to do it. Her arrival cheered up Brin-Brin, too; instead of growling and snapping at me, he’s clicking at her (something he does when he’s happy).

It’s still chilly here, though Leive’s glad to be back anyway. Tonight the weatherman forecasts a low of 29, making it the first freeze of the season for my neighborhood. However, I expect the rest of the week will be milder — and as dry as ever.

Besides the election and the economy, folks here are still talking about last Saturday’s football game, between the University of Kentucky and the University of Arkansas. What a comeback that was! The Arkansas Razorbacks probably thought they had the game in the bag when they led by a score of 20-7, with only four and a half minutes left. Then the Wildcats scored twice and got both of the extra points, to get a winning score of 21-20, just in time. About a fourth of the UK fans left before the last few minutes, thinking the game was lost, and there was a memorable scene of Coach Rich Brooks taunting the fans for that, telling them that if they stay they can still make it to church and get their doughnuts the next morning! Just when you think the most exciting part of the season is over; this game will be one for the books. Next Saturday the Wildcats go to “the Swamp” to play the Florida Gators; I wonder what surprises that will spring?

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