From Lexington to Orlando

We left the house at 4:30 this morning to catch a plane leaving at 6:05 AM.  However, Leive found that flight was overbooked, and had to wait for the next one.  In the end she arrived in Orlando around noon.  Judging from the phone calls Chris and I made this evening, she has things under control, so this should be a better trip than the ones we made in June.

For the airport run, I got up at 3, Leive got up at 4, and even Brin-Brin the parrot was up early (I came home and uncovered his cage at 6:30 so he wouldn’t be covered all day).  At work I was tired all day, so I’m glad nothing exciting happened there.  This evening, Brin-Brin and I got along all right, too.  I brought up my old CD player/radio from the basement and tuned in K-Love 89.9, a Christian radio station (Leive prefers he listens to Christian music).  It’s not exactly a substitute for Leive’s laptop, but for two weeks it should do.  I’m going to bed early tonight to catch up on my sleep.  See you this weekend.

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