Leive Leaves Tomorrow

Leive is leaving Lexington very early tomorrow morning.  She will be flying down to Orlando, and come back on the 21st.  Therefore it will be just Brin-Brin and I here for the next twelve days; I hope we can get along better than we did when Leive was in the Philippines.  One of my father’s caregivers has given her two-week notice, so Leive will hire a replacement, and keep an eye on Dad during the transition.

In other news, gas prices are starting to fall as fast as they rose last spring, now that the economy is tanking even faster.  However, this isn’t an excuse for the mainstream media to get careless.  The picture below was on the front page of today’s paper, the Lexington Herald-Leader, and it ran with this caption:

Ed Johnson lowered the price of gas from $3.25 to $3.19 a gallon Tuesday at his Pioneer Market on U.S. 127 north of Harrodsburg. Solo is the generic brand under which he sells gas.

Unquote:  I’ve heard of Solo.  Back around 2003 they took over a Cumberland Farms station, three or four miles from where I lived in the suburbs of Orlando.  I gather they’re one of the newer Hispanic-owned oil companies, like Valero.  My issue is that the reporter didn’t read the sign.  Look at the decimal point.  The station owner isn’t lowering his price to $3.19 a gallon, he’s raising it to $31.99!  Who’s the Herald-Leader’s proofreader anyway?  I want that job, if I don’t stay with my current job until I retire.

Falling Gas Prices Offer a Rare Bit of Good News

According to the Chinese Zodiac, the next Year of the Horse is scheduled to begin in February 2014, but for Kentucky, the Year of the Horse is 2010!  Not only will that be the time of the World Equestrian Games, as I mentioned in previous messages, but today it was announced that another big horsey event in 2010, the Breeder’s Cup, will be held at Churchill Downs, the site of the Kentucky Derby.  My sister always had a thing for horses (I joke that she wishes she was in Lexington instead of me), so I’ll be expecting her to visit in two years.

Breeder’s Cup Returning to Louisville in 2010

Early last week a cold front came in, so it definitely doesn’t feel like summer anymore.  The coldest time was Friday morning, when it was only 38 degrees!  Since then it has been warmer; 50s at night, 70s to low 80s in the day.  However, we didn’t get any rain until last night and this morning, and dark grey clouds remained in the sky for the rest of the day.  The radio said it wouldn’t even make a dent in our moderate drought, but I disagree.  Our rainfall is three inches below normal for the year; it shouldn’t take too many blustery days to recover.  In fact, we’d be doing all right now if there had been some rain in Hurricane Ike, when it passed us last month.  Today was the first day I noticed much fall color outside, so I guess the trees needed both moisture and a chill for their leaves to turn yellow, orange and red.

Today a lady drove from Owensboro, KY to conduct a home study of our place; she was at the house from noon to 5 PM.  This is a big step in the adoption process, where the authorities make sure we don’t have any “skeletons in the closet.”  Fortunately Brin-Brin didn’t spook her by screaming, the way he did when the property appraiser came by last year.  Both Leive and I are glad to have that visit behind us.

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