This Year’s Ignobel Winners

In my October 13, 2007 message, I told about how the Nobel Peace Prize has gotten so politicized in recent years that I now prefer to hear about the Ignobel awards, prizes given for research into secrets that man wasn’t meant to know.  They lived up to their usual silly standards; one prizes went to the discovery that fleas on dogs can jump higher than fleas on cats, another found that slime molds can solve puzzles, and a third measured the probability that string will get tangled in knots.  The economics prize was for the discovery that a professional lap dancer’s earnings in tips go up and down according to her ovulation cycle; I sure hope the government didn’t spend money for that research!  However, as an historian, I heard about one prize given for research I could find useful:  the archaeology prize measured how archaeology, and thus history, can be changed by armadillos moving artifacts around at Latin American archaeology sites.

Armadillos!  Big Brother has a job offer for you!

Improbable Research, the Awards Page

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