They’re Off for the Fall Season

In previous messages, in fact from the earliest days of this blog, I reported on Kentucky’s preoccupation with sports.  This weekend marks at least two more sports-related milestones.  First, the fall horse races began at Keeneland yesterday.  As with the spring races in April, they go on for four weekends.

In college sports, the University of Kentucky’s winning streak continues.  Today the UK football team plays the University of Alabama.  Judging from what I’m hearing on the radio, this is going to be the toughest game for UK this year, like their match-up against LSU last year.

I also have a rant that’s entertainment-related.  Back in Florida, my local newspaper, The Orlando Sentinel, tried to keep its liberal bias confined to the front section and editorial pages, but The Lexington Herald-Leader won’t do even that much.  Yesterday I got an eyeful of it, while peeking at the section they print every Friday on things to do over the weekend.  Do you remember how in April I enjoyed the movie “Expelled:  No Intelligence Allowed,” but the Herald-Leader’s critic hated it, giving it only one star?  Now Bill Maher’s anti-Christian rebuttal, “Religulous,” is out, and they gave it four stars!  At the same time, they didn’t even bother to review “An American Carol,” the new politically incorrect comedy where Michael Moore tries to abolish the Fourth of July holiday, and learns the error of his ways by getting the “Ebenezer Scrooge” treatment.  Oh, please.  I usually go to the cinema to get away from politics and other real-world concerns, why can’t they?

Speaking of politics, last week I mentioned that the independents and third-party candidates aren’t getting much attention this year.  Now I know why; not only do they have no chance of winning, and probably won’t even spoil a major party’s chances, but they’re all kooks to boot!  Here’s a video where Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney claims that the Pentagon used the distraction caused by Hurricane Katrina to execute 5,000 prisoners, and dumped their bodies in a Louisiana bayou.  In other words, she believes our government committed an American version of the Katyn Forest massacre.

Golly, if this atrocity had really happened, don’t you think others would have noticed (literally) the stench by now?  When McKinney was in Congress, she was such an embarrassment that her Georgia district voted her out of office in 2002, voted her back in two years later, and then voted her out again in 2006.  It looks like she can be as entertaining as ever, though.  Come January, I’ll look for her in the RightWingNews list of the 20 most annoying liberals for 2008.

One response to “They’re Off for the Fall Season

  1. Hello. I am the culture writer for the Herald-Leader. I do appreciate you reading us, but wanted to straighten out two things about our movie reviews. First, and this is a little ironic since you mention you read the Orlando Sentinel, most of the movie reviews we run are wire reviews from Roger Moore of the Orlando Sentinel. In the case of “Expelled” and “Religulous,” the reviews we ran of both films were Moore’s. Second, “An American Carol” was not screened in advance for film critics anywhere. That was the studio’s choice, not ours. It is our policy to run reviews of every movie that opens in Lexington for which a review is available. If there is not a review, we do run a short synopsis of the film with an explanation that it was not screened, which we did with American Carol. There is a feature about David Zucker, the movie’s writer and director, up on the movie page of our entertainment website,

    It sounds like you may be taking in Keeneland this fall. I hope you enjoy it, and thanks again for reading us.

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