The Poor Man’s Sound Dock

What do you think of this jury-rigged sound system?  Not much?  Well, it just saved me 95 dollars.

Last May I bought a Zune MP3 player, for two reasons:

1. My music collection was getting too large to justify keeping it on my computer at work.

2. I knew I was going to Florida shortly, and it would help keep me awake on the dull parts of that long drive.  As it turned out, I didn’t need it for the first trip, because the car I rented had an XM satellite radio.  It came in handy on the second trip, though.

I figured that one of these days I would get one of those combination charger/stereo systems called a “sound dock,” so I could share my music and videos.  However, I had trouble finding one that would work with anything but an iPod, and when I did see one, it cost about $100.  Then last Sunday Leive told me to go to a dollar store near us and get six bottles of cheap herbal shampoo, because she didn’t like the shampoo I had bought her last time.  While in the store I also noticed a pair of fist-sized speakers with a cord that looked like it would fit in my Zune, for $5.  I didn’t need a sound dock for recharging purposes, because when I bought the player itself, I also bought a cable to charge it from a wall outlet; so all I was looking for were speakers.  Everything in that dollar store is made in China, and the owner looks Chinese, too, so he couldn’t answer me when I asked him if the speakers were compatible with MP3 players.  Therefore it was a gamble to buy them, but this time I won; they worked!  I have to jiggle the cord a bit to get sound from both speakers, but what can you expect after saving so much?

The sound system passed its first big test when I took it to the Tuesday night men’s group of my church.  I also brought some apples and honey, in observance of Rosh Hashanah.  One group member is a Messianic Jew, and would you believe even he wasn’t familiar with that holiday food?  My pastor didn’t bring his own sound dock, so we used my Zune & speakers, when it came time to play some music; I chose some Paul Wilbur songs.  What surprised me is that the pastor wasn’t familiar with Paul Wilbur, though the other guys were, and our music director, Jim Latimer, had played a few Paul Wilbur songs in the past (I suspect Rezia encouraged him to do it).  But then, he ticked me off a bit last weekend when he suggested that the Christian flag should fly above the American flag, but said nothing about where the Israeli flag should go.  The church I came from in Florida stopped flying the American flag in 1996, and I don’t recall ever seeing a “Christian flag” there; the only flags they wanted around were those of Israel & Jerusalem:

Shana Tova and Happy New Month, everyone!

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