Quiet and Dry

Man, we sure could use some rain.  We didn’t get any when Hurricane Ike zipped through the Midwest a week and a half ago, just wind.  In fact, I don’t remember any rain over the past two weeks.  The weather forecast has a 20 percent chance of rain for tomorrow, but otherwise we’re quiet and dry.  According to the radio, Kentucky is now officially in a drought.  It also seems to be warmer than usual; with highs in the 80s, our air conditioner still kicks on during the day, if not at night, and the heater hasn’t started running yet.

It now looks like the very wet fall we got in 2006 is the exception, not the rule.  Yesterday I learned that October and November are the months when Kentucky is at the greatest risk for forest fires.  By contrast, in Florida the most dangerous month for fires is May (and sometimes the nearest parts of April and June), because in May we get the full heat of summer, but the afternoon thunderstorm cycle doesn’t start until June.  May is also the time for sinkholes in Florida, because that is when the water table drops, revealing limestone caves under the dirt.  The big one in Winter Park, for example, that engulfed a house and six porsches, occurred in May of 1981.

Parts of my lawn is brown, and I’m starting to think that it won’t recover before the winter snows arrive.  I also hope the fall color leaves are not delayed, like they were in last year’s drought.

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