My Left Foot’s Getting Better

Last week, I talked about going to the doctor about a swollen left foot.  Yesterday she called back with the test results.  According to her it is gout, but it seems to be a mild case.  With some prayers from church and a controlled diet from Leive (more water, less coffee and NO peanuts!), the swelling and the pain are decreasing.  Today I went for most of the day without wrapping my foot, so at this rate it could be all better tomorrow.

On Monday I got a call from a friend in Florida who found the notebook for a course I taught in 1996, on the history of Christianity.  You can see the webpage version of what I taught here.  For my foot he recommended black cherry juice, so yesterday I went back to Whole Foods Market (see my September 7 message) to get a couple of bottles.  I also checked out the produce section again, because I was nearly done with the muscadines I told you about.  This time they had the greenish-bronze kind, bronze scuppernongs,  as well as the purple ones, so I bought three green cartons and one more purple one.  Now I’m satisfied to have had both kinds of the grapes from the Deep South at last.  Here’s a picture so you can compare them with what I photographed last time.  For a scale of size, each of these grapes is at least the size of a nickel, and a few are as big as quarters.  Cheers!

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