Hit Me Again, Ike

First of all, a response to the comment in my previous message:

Thanks, Ron.  I notice from your e-mail address that you’re in the Tampa area.  Maybe Publix has different rules there, or maybe they just started carrying muscadines since I moved out of Florida.

Speaking of Florida, it looks like Hurricane Ike won’t waste the southern part of the state after all.  It’s heading west now, on a course that will take it to Corpus Christi, TX.  I guess if Gustav was the 2008 version of Hurricane Katrina, Ike will be the Rita of 2008.

The only parts of Florida that got any rain from this storm were the Keys and the Everglades.  On Sunday I heard that my brother evacuated from there, but better safe than sorry.  I hope he took his pet squirrel with him.

Of course, folks here are talking about Saturday’s football game between the University of Kentucky and Norfolk.  That makes two wins in a row; it’s starting to look like we’ll have another year in which UK plays good football but bad basketball, instead of the reverse.  I’m also hearing talk about an incident last Saturday where a couple went into a Bed, Bath and Beyond store on the south side of town and left a three-year-old locked in the car.  When another shopper became concerned about the kid on a hot day like that, a store employee responded by saying that what happened in the parking lot was none of their business, and refused to page the parents.  Fortunately the other shopper had a cell phone and called the police on that, and the cops smashed the car windows in time to rescue the kid.

Bed, Bath and Beyond Will Not Let You Use the Phone to Call 911

It’s probably just as well that the plan to build a Bed, Bath and Beyond store in Baghdad didn’t work out.  We all know how hot it gets in Iraq!  Here’s one of the proposed ads for the store, featuring former Foreign Minister Tariz Aziz and Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, better known as “Baghdad Bob”:

In other news, today it was announced that the original secret recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken, written on a now-yellowed sheet of paper by Colonel Sanders himself, has been moved to an undisclosed, secret location.  I’m only writing this because the Colonel was the most famous resident of Kentucky in the twentieth century, with the possible exception of Muhammed Ali, and last June I got to eat at his first restaurant, in Corbin, KY (see my first message dated June 15, 2008).  Can somebody tell me how for all these years KFC and Coca-Cola have managed to keep the formulas for their original products under wraps, while military secrets routinely leak out with the help of the press?

KFC Shoring Up Security for Secret Recipe

Finally, yesterday I saw a weird video.  Just when I thought environmental extremists couldn’t get any sillier.  Here, a news clip shows some members of the eco-terrorist group Earth First!, mourning when they find some cut-down trees in a North Carolina forest.  Never mind that there are plenty of trees visible in the background, and if this is in the Great Smoky Mountains, there are a lot more just over the horizon.  The spokesperson for the group says that there is life in the rock she is standing on, and one is beating an Indian drum, as if performing a Native American ritual is the most appropriate thing to do at a time like this.  And the screaming!  My goodness, there have been three deaths in my family since 2005, and two in Leive’s, but I don’t think anybody wailed as bad as these hippies!  If there are any psycologists reading this, click on the link below.  What would you recommend for folks like these?

Hippies Wail for Dead Trees

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