Hanna Florida?

At work, the Employee Appreciation Day picnic went off like a charm.  Whereas it was too wet in 2006, and too hot in 2007, the weather was just right this time.  And no wind to blow food and other things off the tables, either.

I’m hearing other stuff from Florida, though.  As soon as Tropical Storm Fay broke up, another storm named Gustav formed in the Caribbean.  First it hit the Dominican Republic & Haiti, now it’s hitting Jamaica, and over the weekend it will go into the Gulf of Mexico and grow into a Category 3 hurricane.  On its present course, it’s likely to hit Louisiana, disturbingly close to the 3rd anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s strike.

And that’s not all.  Today I heard about a new tropical storm, called Hanna.  This one looks like it will plow through the Bahamas and go up the east coast of the US.  On the radio they were joking that after Florida, Hanna would go to Montana!

Yesterday I called my former pastor in Florida, and learned, among other things, that the flood waters from Fay aren’t gone yet.  We have a friend named Jon Klein, who lives in Sanford, right on the banks of the St. Johns River, and he’s putting up sandbags, just in case.  That river doesn’t move fast at all, and currently the crest of the flood waters is at Lake Harney, upstream from Lake Monroe and Sanford, so the worst may be yet to come.  It certainly doesn’t help that the St. Johns begins in the swamps near Melbourne, one of the areas that got the most rain.

I guess it was asking too much for another mild hurricane season, after we got off easy in 2006 & 2007.  This year is now looking like a rerun of 2004 & 2005 (see my essay “At Ground Zero in Florida’s Year of Storms“).

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