The Storm That Won’t Leave

Tropical Storm Fay spent this morning off northeast Florida (the “First Coast”), hardly changing position at all, and now it is creeping west at just two miles an hour.  Consequently rain has been dumping constantly on north and central Florida; some areas, like Melbourne, are reporting more than two dozen inches over the past two days!  My Dad called around 6 PM to report that it has been raining constantly in his area, and power went out briefly (about fifteen minutes).

Despite the flooding, all this rain will help the water table; I understand the last two years in Florida have been on the dry side.  Lately it has been hot and dry here, too, with the temperature reaching 92 today, and no rain for at least a week.  The general consensus here is that we could use some of the rain from Fay.  Myself, I remember a very wet fall in 2006 and a very dry fall in 2007, so maybe this year I’ll find out which is more common in Kentucky.

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