No Word Yet From the Folks in Florida

Tropical Storm Fay never reached hurricane strength.  That’s good news, but folks aren’t taking any chances.  This morning I heard on the radio about a hundred men from electric companies, most of them living in Ohio, stopping in Lexington for the night before continuing south to repair any power outages.  A hundred more are expected to pass through before this is all over.

The eye of the storm came ashore right in my brother Chris’ part of Collier County, so he’s the one I’m mainly waiting to hear from.  As I write this, the eye is now over Okeechobee County.  So far, whenever I have looked on the radar map (courtesy of Weather Underground), only the edge of the storm has brushed the metro Orlando area.  Also, the storm has veered farther to the right than expected; tonight the eye will pass on the east side of Orlando, not the west.

This afternoon I sent a package to my Dad by UPS.  Weather permitting, it should get there on Thursday or Friday.  At any rate, I’ll keep you posted.

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