“Kill Your Air Conditioner?” Who Are You Kidding?

Kill Your Air Conditioner

Last week I heard about an article in Time Magazine by Joe Klein that called for getting rid of air conditioning, in order to save the environment.  It took me a while to find it, because I usually try to avoid the “dinosaur media” and because it was printed when I was out of town.  Talk about unrealistic ideas!  Mr. Klein claims he doesn’t use an air conditioner in his home, and that he likes it warm.  He then talks about how much energy the United States would save, for every degree we keep the thermostat above 75.  Well, for the record, in both Florida and Kentucky I kept my A/C thermostat at 85.  Therefore I feel I’ve done my part for the summer.  Does that make me qualifed to sell some carbon offsets/credits?  It’s in public buildings, not homes, where I usually find the A/C up full blast.  Like the two days in the summer of 2002, when I was a teacher and I had to let my class out early because the classroom was too cold.

Mr. Klein must be a Yankee from a state bordering Canada, if he has an attitude like that.  Obviously he does does not know how much air conditioning changed life in the South. Before air conditioning was introduced to Florida, most of the state was only fit for ‘gators and Seminoles, and I’m not talking about the popular college football teams!  Take away the A/C, and within a few years Rhode Island would have more people than Florida.  Is that what you REALLY want, Mr. Klein?

What bugs me is that this may all be for a scam; see my paper on why global warming may be more of a religion than a true science.  Global warming ended in 1998, for a start.  Remember when we were worried about smog in the cities, mercury in the tuna, and nuclear reactors leaking radiation?  We’ve made progress in cleaning up the earth, if carbon dioxide and air conditioning are now our biggest concerns.  Tell you what; how many trees could we save, if Time Magazine didn’t print so many copies every week?

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