Solstice Catch-up

The last two messages I posted caught me up to the first Monday after I returned from my trip to Florida.  Now, on the first day of summer, here is a summary of what has been happening here since then.

As you might expect, much of the town talked about the NBA finals between the Boston Celtics and the LA Lakers.  Since the final game was a blowout for Boston (131-92), the outcome couldn’t have been in doubt for long.  With the Red Sox winning last fall and the Patriots going to the Superbowl last winter, it has been a good year for Boston, sports-wise.  The locals are particularly proud that Rajon Rondo, who scored 21 points for the Celtics, is a former University of Kentucky player.  Now for the next four months, NBA will mean “No Basketball Anymore.”

The weather is still cool compared to Florida.  This afternoon, for example, it was 75 degrees when I got home, compared with 95 in Orlando.  Don’t you love it?  I trust Leive will appreciate it, too, when she gets back here tomorrow.  On Wednesday I mowed the front yeard, and on Thursday I mowed the back yard; I didn’t even work up a sweat while doing the front yard!

Speaking of Leive, I’m also looking forward to her return because maybe she can get this parrot to behave sensibly.  Brin-Brin has been furious when I walked past the cage, trying to bite at every opportunity.  With Leive gone for all but four days during the last five weeks, I wonder if Brin-Brin even remembers her?  He’s probably bored and pining, but when I’m the only human in the house, I can only give him so much attention, since I’m off at work for 8-9 hours every weekday.  Today when I cleaned his cage, he grabbed the newspaper section I was going to put on the cage bottom, and proceeded to shred it.  If I had my camera that would have made a cute picture, with a caption like “Brin-Brin helps me arrange the newspaper for his cage.”

Longtime readers will remember that last year, I talked about fireflies becoming visible right after sundown on evenings in early June, and how Kentucky fireflies are yellow, not blue like the Florida ones.  I think I missed most of the firefly season this year, due to being out of town.  Still, I manged to see one last night, and three or four this evening.

On Wednesday, the corrected pages for my history textbook, which I sent to the publisher last month, came back for my review.  If I make no more changes, we’ll still be on schedule for publication of the book later this year.

At work the computer network is still down much of the time; why can’t this problem be fixed?  Yesterday we had a fire drill, but everyone in the building just walked outside to the parking lot across the street.  Aren’t we supposed to scream hysterically and run when the building is on fire?  (LOL)

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