Father’s Day Alone

( Composed 6/15/2008 )

Sunday, June 15, 2008

At least I got to spend part of last Father’s Day with the Geek Squad (my computer was in the repair shop at Best Buy that morning).  This time Leive is still in Florida, and Brin-Brin hasn’t come back from the Latimers yet.

Today was quiet, as I was mainly recuperating after yesterday’s marathon drive, from Orlando to Lexington in seventeen hours.  The house is the same as when I left it; I won’t even have to mow the lawn for another day or two.  In the morning I returned the car I rented for the Florida trip.  When I started up my own car to go to lunch, it was a bit of a shock.  The engine was cold from sitting there for a week and a half, of course, but I didn’t remember it running with that many shakes!  I guess I’m spoiled from the smooth ride the rental car gave me; both Leive and my Dad commented on how smooth it ran.

After all the eating out I did over the past few days, I wasn’t in the mood to eat a meal that was either large or expensive.  Previously I was thinking of trying the Mongolian barbecue place in Hamburg Village, something I have wanted to do since it opened, but now it will wait for another day.  In fact, I would have stayed home for lunch, if it didn’t look like it was going to take days for the food Leive put in the freezer to defrost!  In the end I went to Chipotle for a burrito, and then did some grocery shopping to restock the refrigerator.

In the evening I went to my pastor’s house for the Sunday evening cell group, where I told the other church members how the trip went.  The pastor showed this video for a neat Father’s Day gift:

When Leive returns, I think I’ll tell her to ditch the sweet-smelling candles we have now (LOL).

At work, I’ve had at least one co-worker complain that I talk about my Florida experiences too much.  He thinks that if the opportunity came up, I’d move back to Orlando in a heartbeat.  Well, let the record show that down in Florida, I caught myself talking about Kentucky most of the time, again comparing life in the two states.  I even told one of Leive’s friends that I’d rather be in Kentucky in the winter than in Florida in the summer, and he looked at me like I’d gone nuts!

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