My Carbon Belch Day Present

( Composed 6/12/2008 )

Thursday, June 12, 2008

You may have heard that today has been declared Carbon Belch Day, where those who don’t believe in global warming are supposed to make as much pollution as possible. While I’m not an “ecopalyptic” myself, I find the idea rather childish. I’m marking today as special for another reason; my mother came home from the hospital.

Leive and Aunt Sue spent most of the day cleaning up, especially in the room where Mom and Dad will be staying. In the morning I took Dad to the Parkinson’s Support Group, which holds meetings at Florida Hospital every other week. The hospital bed and accessories for Mom arrived while we were out, Dad went with Chris to order a new mattress for himself, and in the afternoon I helped remove some more bags of books from upstairs. Before coming back, Chris and I got some pizza for everybody.

Finally, an ambulance arrived to deliver Mom around 6 PM. We got her in the new bed all right, so let’s see how much she recuperates in the time I have left in Florida. At 9 PM a nurse came by to check on her; I guess that’s going to be a routine occurrence. My mother is talking almost normally, anyway, so I’m assuming she’s tired but happy.

Will Leive stay or will she go? In previous messages I mentioned that Leive was first planning to go back to Kentucky with me, then she decided to stay behind for a few more days, then she changed her mind and said we would go together. Now she’s changed her mind again, deciding that Mom should be watched by as many family members as possible, at least until my sister Tina can take her place next Tuesday. She expects to get a one-way airline ticket to return home, but I hope someone else arranges it, because she’s usually not happy with the flights I book for her, for one reason for another.

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