It Looks Like It Will Be a Difficult Week

( Composed 6/9/2008 )

Monday, June 9, 2008

In the morning I helped my brother Chris take a couch and a treadmill, from my parents’ family room to the Salvation Army store.Leive expects to finish with the family room tonight, and she called over our friend Pat Murphy to take some of the books away (for a garage sale at church).Later in the day I got two unpleasant surprises, both involving Leive.First, she won’t be coming back to Kentucky with me.Instead, she is determined to get my mother out of the hospital, because it is now clear to us she would be better off at home, no matter what happens.Therefore she wants to be around to help Mom get adjusted to home life again.I guess she’ll return after that on a one-way airline ticket, but somebody else will have to make arrangements on that.Second, she thinks my Mom may have less than a year to live, so she’s going to call the Hospice to see if they can help with home care after we leave.

We were over at the hospital to see my mother twice today, in the morning and in the early evening.In the morning, besides Yvonne, my brother Chris, my father and myself, an attorney and two pastors from my parents’ church were there.The attorney was there to get the paperwork signed concerning my parents’ wills, and the pastors were there to witness and notarize.We had to start over at least once because of problems that made the first signings invalid, so by the time we finished and went down to the hospital cafeteria for lunch, it was past 2 PM, and all they had was a salad bar.The evening visit was just to see her and do more praying; Leive came this time.Tomorrow my mother is due to receive an x-ray, so I’ll have to call before bringing the folks over again, to make sure we won’t get in the way.Finally I learned that my mother’s sister will be flying in from Chicago on Thursday or Friday, to see Mom before she comes home.That means Leive and I will see her too, before I have to leave Florida.

Today we finally got a rain shower around 3 PM.I was at the new Lowes store in Fern Park at the time, buying salt for the water softener in my parents’ house; luckily the salt bags didn’t get wet.Maybe the summertime cycle, where Florida gets a thunderstorm almost every afternoon, has started at last.

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