Dust, Heat and Bugs

( Composed 6/10/2008 )

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In case the above title doesn’t tell you, I’m looking forward to returning to Kentucky, whether or not Leive comes with me.Yesterday I helped her take down the family room curtains, which haven’t been washed since they first went up (1978?).

Leive talked with my sister Tina last night, and Tina is coming down Tuesday.Thus, Leive may be able to come home with me after all, if she can coordinate with Yvonne and Chris who will look after Dad in the short run.If not, she gave me permission to eat at Subway, should the Singapore-style curried pancit in the freezer run out first.

We visited my mother in the morning, went for lunch at the nearest Chick-Fil-A, and then returned to see her again.The visits were shorter because she is starting to look better, and this morning’s x-ray didn’t find anything wrong.

For today’s cleanup project, Leive removed most of the books from upstairs, in my parents’ bedroom.She called out friend Pat Murphy to help, and together they filled twenty-five garbage bags with the books.I took them downstairs and Chris and I helped to load about half of them in Pat’s minivan; tomorrow she’ll try to sell them to a used bookstore.

As a caregiver for my parents, it now looks like Yvonne isn’t going to work out.At dinnertime she called to report that my mother was coughing a lot, and not eating, and that the hospital wouldn’t give her any cough medicine.Leive decided that what Mom needed was something more digestible, so Leive & I ran off to Wal-Mart to get some baby food and pudding.While we were in the store, Yvonne called Chris again with the same complaint, and that got Chris really mad.Yvonne left in a huff shortly after we got to the hospital, but Leive gave Mom one pudding and half a baby food jar, and that seemed to do the trick.Now if only Mom can get a good night’s sleep.The same can be said for Yvonne, who apparently has had too long a day.Mom and I are willing to give her another chance, while the rest are saying “good riddance”; Leive is calling her friends already, to see if any of them can work.I guess I’ll know tomorrow if Yvonne is going to stay.

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