Making the Old House Liveable

( Composed 6/9/2008 )

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Before I begin, does anybody know what kind of tree this is?I spotted it on the corner of Lake Howell & Howell Branch Rds., and it is putting on quite a show with those orange-red flowers.If I had seen it before, I would have surely remembered it.I’m guessing it’s what they call a royal Poinciana, but I thought they only grew in south Florida; central Florida is in a different USDA climate zone altogether.

Lindy and Adam took off around 7 AM, as expected.Leive was still hard at work cleaning, and she didn’t want to leave my father alone for any length of time, so I went to church by myself again.I took some pictures of the church I attended from 1981 to 2006; the buildings and the members haven’t changed much since they gave me a sending-off party, for the last service I attended.Because June 9 is Shavuot, they are planning a special service for next Sunday.It will also be Father’s Day, so at the end of today’s service they took a group photo of all fathers present, which includes me.

Regarding the family room in my parents’ house, where others failed to clean it up, Leive seems to be succeeding.She reports picking up years of accumulated dust, and when it comes to dead bugs, the spaces behind the books and couches are a veritable cockroach graveyard!She even found some long, gold hairs that must have come from our favorite cat, a Persian named Waldo.Waldo died in 1993, so those hairs have been there for at least fifteen years!Later in the day Yvonne came over and started moving her belongings into the guest room of my parents’ house.

In the afternoon we went to visit my mother in the hospital again.This time we stayed for four hours, because she looked worse.Whereas in April and May I could call her from Kentucky and have a decent conversation, after the first hour her speech was so slurred I couldn’t understand what she was saying.We were told it was because of a very low blood sugar level, so we spent most of our time there praying, especially Leive.The doctor wanted to do a catheterization on Monday to see if there were any more blocked blood vessels, and at first we agreed, but my mother didn’t want any more operations, so we decided against it, especially after hearing she had a high risk factor of something going wrong.She is in the Lord’s hands now.

In the evening I called Jim Latimer back in Kentucky, to find out how Brin-Brin is doing.Well, Brin-Brin was so stressed out from squawking at the Latimers’ parrot, Eli, that Jim had to move him into a separate room.I guess they really were swapping insults, after all.There aren’t that many Amazon parrots in Kentucky, so who’d have thought that when two of them finally met, they would do the bird equivalent of a “Yo Momma” contest?

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