Landfall in Florida

( Composed 6/8/2008 )

Friday, June 6, 2008

The stay in rural Georgia was short but pleasant.We got to meet Lindy & Adam’s dogs, Sparky and Lionel.The house is a humble one, but they got a good deal on it, and they also have a nice backyard, with a peach tree loaded with fruit, so altogether I’d say they got off to a good start on their home life sooner than Leive and I did.Both of them had to work that day, so they left first, promising they would follow us southward after they got home from work; then we left at 9:30 AM.

Here are some of the pictures I took at their house.  You already saw the picture of the doormat, at the end of the previous message:

Sparky the golden retriever.

Lionel the boxer.

And here are both Lionel and Sparky together.

Leive picking peaches off their tree.

Adam and Lindy got a bountiful peach crop this year!  They just have to be careful to pick only the fruits that don’t have bugs in them.

Adam & Lindy in their kitchen.

Their house in the morning, with our rental car parked in front of it.

Now back to the narrative.  After an hour of driving east on I-16, we reached Savannah and turned south on I-95.Traffic picked up after that, but most of our stops were quick ones, the longest being for lunch, seven miles before reaching the Georgia-Florida border.Then we passed Jacksonville and St. Augustine.At Daytona Beach, we got on I-4 and Leive called my Dad, telling him we were an hour away.My brother Chris had just left for a trip to Tallahassee, so Dad was alone for an hour or two.At 3:50 PM we pulled into the driveway of the house where I had grown up and lived for twenty-one years (1967-88).

We hadn’t seen Dad in more than a year, so our arrival cheered him up considerably.I learned later that he hadn’t been at home very long, and didn’t eat much at the nursing home.Leive decided she would whip up a bunch of her Philippine recipes, to give Dad a belated 75th birthday party, and sent me to the nearest Wal-Mart Supercenter with a shopping list.Then she started cleaning the family room, and once she starts cleaning she doesn’t want to stop, so I ended up going to church alone, letting all our old friends know that we’re back in town.Of course they were all glad to see me back.Finally Lindy and Adam made it here, just before midnight.Dad made it a point to ask Adam to have banana pudding with him, before we went to bed.

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