More Electile Dysfunction

Here’s a follow-up to my previous message. No doubt every adult reading this remembers the mess-up in Florida that dragged the 2000 election’s vote-counting process well into December. How Al Gore was declared the winner while the polls in west Florida were still open, how absentee ballots from the troops were thrown out, how an effort was made to allow votes from convicted felons to count, the endless recounts, trying to interpret ballots with “hanging chads” and “dimpled chads”, and so on. Up until then, I thought Chad was simply the name of a country in northern Africa, between Niger and Sudan.

For those new to this blog, I was living in Florida when all that happened. In Seminole County, to be exact. The most conservative county in central Florida, where Democrats are already a third party. Since 1994 at least, most of the local elections in Seminole County have featured a Republican running against an independent, or Republican vs. a Libertarian. Because there was an unsuccessful move by a lawyer in Seminole County to throw out 15,000 of our ballots, I like to think we gave George W. Bush the votes needed to put him over the top.

Since 2000, we’ve been hearing Democrats claiming that election was stolen; often they claim 2004 was stolen as well. Especially, which shows it isn’t living up to its name. Well, now the shoe is on the other foot! Yesterday a panel from the Democratic National Committee decided what to do about Michigan and Florida, which broke party rules by holding their primaries too early. You have to admit it is a no-win situation for the Dems. If they allow any delegates from those states to participate at the convention in Denver, they reward those states for rule-breaking. On the other hand, if they don’t seat the delegates, the nomination is already decided in Barack Obama’s favor, and the Democrats can pretty much write off any chance of those states voting Democratic in November.

In the end, they went with a compromise; any surprise there? The delegates will be allowed in, but their votes will only count as half a vote each. Since Hillary Clinton won in both states, her supporters are furious, and are threatening to take their fight to the convention and/or vote Republican if this ruling stands.

Let the record show this: in the party that claims to represent all Americans, lily-white Iowa and New Hampshire get to count every vote, but the people of color in Florida and Michigan aren’t even considered 3/5 a person anymore. (For those who don’t understand the 3/5 historical reference, go here.)

(Doing my best Don King impersonation)


By contrast, if the Ron Paul people (also known as “Paulistas” or “Paulestinians”) don’t make trouble at the Republican convention, John McCain’s nomination won’t have any entertainment value at all. We might as well watch the Jerry Lewis telethon instead.

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