Kentucky Takes a Walk on the Weird Side

Leive called shortly after 6 PM to let me know she was leaving Vancouver.  She should be reaching Las Vegas around 9:40 PM Eastern time.

Last time I told about a news story about Lexington being environmentally unfriendly.  Today I learned that Delta Airlines has written a more positive story about the city, which will appear in their travel magazine next week.  Well, if any airline wants to promote travel to the city of horses, I would expect it to be Delta; they’re the only airline with non-stop flights between Orlando and Lexington.

On a stranger note, last summer I wrote about a book called “Mysterious Kentucky,” which tells of the strange things about the state.  Now a book called “Weird Kentucky” follows up on the strange legends and secrets known to the locals.  Included here are:

1.  Strange architecture and tacky attractions like Dinosaur World, a collection of Dino statues near Mammoth Cave, which reminds me of the defunct Rainforest I remember from the 1960s in Bushnell, FL.  (In fact, a lot of the material in the book could have come from  Check out that website’s nomination for an interesting building near Gene & Rezia’s house.)

2.  A cemetery near Berea, where the graves are decorated with baby dolls in jars.

3.  Stories about several buildings at Eastern Kentucky University being haunted.

4.  Reports of blue-skinned people, and I’m not talking about the Blue Man Group, which did a show in Lexington last month.  Unfortunately, all the photographs we have of these folks are black and white, so you can’t tell from the pictures if there is anything odd about them.

5.  A story from a book written in 1806 that talked about an underground chamber discovered under Lexington in 1783, that contained a stone altar, skulls, and mummified red-haired people.  The local Indians claimed this stuff came from a long-dead civilization.  The Adena mound-builders, perhaps?

Anyway, if you want to read more about offbeat things in the Bluegrass State, check out these links:

Weird Kentucky

We Could Fill a Book (a review from the Lexington newspaper)

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