Florida Plus Two Years

Yes, today marks two years since I moved from Florida to Kentucky. Hard to believe it has been that long, with all the things that have been happening in the family. My brother just called, and before he reached me he tried the number I used when I lived in my first apartment, from May to July of 2006. It turns out he found a lady who volunteered to become a caregiver to my parents, for less than Leive’s friend would have charged. Let’s hope this is the person we’ve been looking for.

Speaking of Leive, she has now been out of town for a week. No change in my situation; getting along with Brin-Brin the parrot is the toughest part, because Leive is the only human he seems to like. I hope she’s continuing to have a good time, and when she comes back, she won’t have forgotten so much English that I’ll need Rezia for a translator! On Sunday I cheated, by going to Wal-Mart and buying some hot wings and potato wedges to bring to the prayer group at the pastor’s house. They weren’t as good as the ones Leive makes, but under the circumstances, they suited the group just fine.

Regular readers will know my church has a Sunday evening prayer group for everybody, and two separate ones on Tuesday evening for men and women. At the men’s group, after everything else is done, we normally turn on the TV to watch a basketball game — I tried to explain to Leive that it’s a male bonding thing. Tonight, however, we watched the primary results first, what with today being the day of the Kentucky and Oregon primaries. The local news talked about Chelsea Clinton stopping at a burger place on New Circle Road, to get a hamburger for Bill and a vanilla milk shake for herself. In the end Hillary won big, 65% vs. 31%, no surprise since, as noted before, she carried the other Appalachian states. We saw the victory speech she gave in Louisville. Bill and Chelsea were there, too; so was Huma Abedin, Hillary’s closest advisor (and rumored mistress). With her Indian ancestry, Huma stood out in a Kentucky crowd of blondes and redheads, I’ll tell you that. This victory won’t put Hillary in the lead, but it also means Barack Obama can’t yet claim he has the nomination in the bag. Therefore the fun of “Operation Chaos” will continue; I wonder if Rush Limbaugh really thought it would last this long, or be this successful?

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