Truth is Stranger Than Humor

John Cleese and Michael Palin were ahead of their time when they did Monty Python’s most popular comedy routine, the “Dead Parrot Sketch.” The parrot in the sketch came from a fictitious breed, the “Norwegian Blue.” Oh, did you think parrots never lived that far north? Well, it looks like they once did; now a fossil parrot has been found in Denmark. Of course you can’t tell what the feathers looked like if all you have are bones, but the paleontologist who identified the remains is calling it a “Danish Blue,” in honor of the Monty Python parrot, and the artist who made this picture painted the feathers blue for the same reason.


And yes, it is still an ex-parrot, so the pet store owner will have to replace it. When Michael Palin heard about this discovery, he reportedly chuckled and said, “All I can say is that it just shows that nothing is original.”

Monty Python’s “dead parrot” once lived after all

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