Not All Workdays Are Created Equal

Next week marks two years since I moved to Lexington and started the job I’m at now. In terms of pay and benefits, it is beyond a doubt the best job I’ve ever had, so I have felt that every day I’m working there is a good day. However, some workdays are better than others.

Today, the problem was that the network was down. Eventually (after nearly an hour of trying), I was able to log into my workstation, so I had something to show for the day. In the afternoon I was able to log into the network, too, but it never fully recovered; I could not check my e-mail, for instance. I’ve talked before about our dependence on modern technology, so you know most of us weren’t in a very good mood. Because I was behind in the housework (I didn’t have time to do laundry or the dishes yesterday), I probably would have been more productive if I had spent the whole day at home. That would have given me a chance to patch up relations with Brin-Brin the cranky parrot, too.

Monday and Tuesday went better, though. On Monday a co-worker who’s moving to Orlando dropped in to say goodbye. He got hired by Lockheed-Martin’s west Orlando office, and wanted to hear whatever I could tell him about west Orange and north Osceola counties. It looks like he’s going to buy a house in the former ranchlands between Kissimmee & St. Cloud, but according to him it will be a long process, even though it’s currently a buyer’s market. I can believe it, after what I went through selling my house last year. I still hold to my claim that Kentucky bankers and realtors are friendlier and more efficient than their Florida counterparts.

I gave up a career, church, and a lot of other things when I moved from Orlando, to start a new life in Lexington. So far I’ve felt it was the right move, though quite a few folks here think I’m mad for doing it, because they’d be willing to move in the opposite direction. Well, now here’s someone who did just that; in effect, he changed places with me. I wonder which of us is the ninny for making that choice?

On Tuesday my supervisor dropped in for a visit. I haven’t seen him in two months, because my current assignment has me in another building, and he let me know that I will be receiving a 2.5% pay raise in June. He also said I probably would have qualified for more, had I stayed in Building 1, because then I would have learned more. Still, it’s means I’m good for another year with the company. That’s job security I didn’t have in Florida.

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