A Troublesome Erev Pesach

Or should I say a character-building Passover’s Eve? In the other years when this night came around, it wasn’t like this, in spite of that famous question, “Why is this night different from other nights?”

I told everyone last Tuesday about my mother being rushed to the hospital. Well, it turns out it was a minor stroke. She can’t walk or use here right arm at this time, so at the minimum she’s going to need physical therapy. My Dad hasn’t been doing so well himself. For years I must have had the thought in the back of my mind that they would keep going strong forever; Lord knows, they’ve always been there to help out their kids. However, we’ve seen him go downhill since a thyroid operation in 2003. More recently he has had rigid Parkinson’s disease, making it difficult for him to move around. Well, last night around 9 PM he fell down while feeding their cats, and couldn’t get up. He has taken a tumble before, but this time there was no one to raise him up or call for help. There he lay until the next morning, when a neighbor came by to check on him; I estimate he was there for 16 hours, before he joined Mom in the hospital.

Being the closest relative, my brother Chris is going there tomorrow; my Dad’s in a confused state, and the hospital won’t let him out until somebody signs release papers for him. At any rate, it doesn’t look like they can go home again. Previously Leive was calling her Filipino friends and relatives in central Florida, to arrange long-term care for my parents in their home. Now it looks like they’re going to the same nursing home that my grandmother stayed in for 19 years, Winter Park Towers, at least for the short run. It’s one of the best such facilities in the country, but also terribly expensive, so I sure hope insurance and/or Medicare covers it.

This also means my brother, sister, Leive and I are now in charge of taking care of our parents. Maybe Lindy will have a say in the matter, too, now that she’s an adult. Last Tuesday a member of my church told me that these days we get to be parents twice, first to our children, and then to our parents. Well, for us that second parenting phase has officially begun. Leive wants to go down to Florida in June, to decide what to do with all their stuff. This will be after her trip to the Philippines and before Lindy comes to visit us, so it’s going to be a busy month. It’s starting to look like I will go, too, so I’ll probably have to use my vacation time for that, instead of for a flight to the Philippines with Leive.

Continue to keep us in your prayers, and hopefully I’ll have better news to report, the next time I write.

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