Let the Warming Begin

Now it looks like spring is here to stay. For three nights it was unseasonably cold, and a few neighborhoods even got frost. It doesn’t look like any plants were killed, though, like what happened when a late snowstorm hit us last year. Today it warmed up rapidly, going from 38 in the morning to 66 in the afternoon. In the long-range forecast, high temperatures in the 60s and low 70s are predicted for the upcoming week.

One thing I’ve noticed is that nobody pays much attention to freezes at other times of the year, like in October or November, but when they come in the spring, boy, everyone is concerned about possible frost damage.  Compare that with Florida, where any day with temperatures below 40 F. makes folks nervous, regardless of the season.

Along that line, today I snapped a few more pictures of the locally blooming flowers. Mainly ones I didn’t see when I took the pictures that went up last week. Enjoy the show!

I talked about the occasional pink tree last time. This exceptionally large one looks like a willow, and I saw it next to a 207-year-old Baptist church that I pass on the way to work.

Here is a small tree with red leaves and white flowers, right behind my house.

I don’t know what kind of tree is this one, with many tiny purple flowers. Quite a few of them are visible around town this week.

And here is a tulip bed at the entrance to our neighborhood.

I’m thinking of some trips to visit places Leive & I haven’t seen yet, now that the weather is favorable to driving again. Like Blue Licks, or the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln. I’ll keep you posted as I make plans.

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