Happy Akitu!

Today was the first day of Nisan on the Jewish calendar, the day following the first new moon after the vernal equinox. Akitu, the twelve-day Babylonian New Year festival, began on this date; for the Jews this was also New Year’s Day, until they returned from the Babylonian Captivity and made Tishri (our September-October) the first month. Therefore Passover will be here before we know it.

This weekend at church the pastor talked about how we should search for wisdom the way others search for treasure, and he got the attention of Leive & I by talking about a Florida celebrity — Mel Fisher, the most successful treasure hunter of all. I gave Mel a footnote in my second American history paper, for those not familiar with the story of the Spanish shipwreck he found. Rezia led the worship this time, giving a break to our music leader, Jim Latimer; she played on the keyboard for most of the service. She also announced her intention of starting a choir, so you can tell she’s fitting in here quite well. And yes, Leive signed up to be a choir member, though Gene had twist her arm to do it.

At work we got off to a quiet start for the week. Normally the parking is almost full when I arrive in the morning, but today it was half-empty. I found out after I got to my desk that there was a bad accident on Interstate 64 in Westchester, that tied up all traffic east of here. It makes me glad Leive & I chose to live in Lexington itself, rather than try to save money by moving to a smaller, outlying town like Winchester or Richmond.

This weekend my pet project was finding a way to record stuff from our cassette tapes into the computer, so those songs and sounds can be stored as MP3 files. Unlike magnetic tape, MP3s can last almost forever, because the data is in a digital format, rather than analog. On Friday I bought a cable and a CD with the programs I needed, but the initial experiment, where I plugged the cable into our 20-year-old stereo, didn’t work. Later I found out that while the stereo had an outlet in the back the right size for my cable, it was intended for signals coming in, not signals going out. The electronics involved is so old that the stereo doesn’t have a CD player; instead, the makers put that outlet in the back to use with a CD player at a later date. After that, I tried plugging the cable into a portable tape player, and that worked better, but it took until Sunday morning to get acceptable results. The first recording I successfully converted from tape to sound file was the one Lindy made in the summer of 2003, of our cockatiel Chico chirping real loud. So click on the link below, where it says “Chico’s chirping time,” to hear Chico chirp again!

Chico the lutino cockatiel

Chico’s chirping time

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