Officially the Seasons are Named Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter . . .

In practice, however, they are observed quite differently. In Florida, the names I had for them were early summer, high summer, late summer and next summer. Or should I have said “tourist summer” for the last one? In Kentucky the locals act like the names of the seasons are baseball, vacation, football and basketball (LOL).

But seriously, basketball is finished in Kentucky, at least until next November. Our participation in “March Madness” ended yesterday, when the University of North Carolina beat Louisville, 83-73. Therefore there won’t be a Kentucky team in the “Final Four” college basketball match-up. It was fun while it lasted, but I’m now hearing the sports fans whisper that Louisville still only has the second best team in the state. Because we don’t have an NBA team in Kentucky, for us those initials mean “No Basketball Anymore.”

Despite this, I’m not expecting the fans to get bored. Last Friday I mentioned that horse racing and indoor arena football are warming up. And baseball season officially starts this week, right?

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