A Day Without Sunshine Is Like Night

Well, it was sunny enough last Wednesday that I went and bought some mulch for Leive’s garden. Since then, however, it has been rainy and gloomy. Especially today, when we got some thunderstorms in the morning, and experienced another of those temperature inversions that I never saw in Florida; it was 58 degrees when I went to work, but has bounced around 40 since I came home. With the flowers popping up in various places around town, it’s beginning to look like spring, but it sure doesn’t feel like it yet.

As I chronicled on other occasions here, as the weekend arrives, the minds of many locals turn to sports. The horse racing season begins in a week, and tomorrow the local indoor arena football team, the Lexington Horsemen, have their first game of the season, against the Daytona Beach Thunderbirds. Regarding college basketball, the UK Wildcats were eliminated in the first round of the NCAA tournament, so last weekend, more attention was given to something in Rupp Arena called the “Sweet Sixteen Tournament”; I gather it was the statewide championship between high school basketball teams. The University of Louisville, however, won its second-round game yesterday against Tennessee, so they’re now one of the “Elite Eight” teams. The handful of Cardinals fans in town have something to crow about, anyway.

Speaking of sports, when I got gas this morning, I noticed some Kentucky souvenirs in front of the cash register inside the store. Typical stuff, like key chains, mug warmers, and funny little statues — what I would expect to see in the gift shop at any Florida tourist attraction. Most of it had to do with horses and college basketball, reflecting local tastes. One of them, however, was a snow globe with a dolphin inside, next to the word “Kentucky.” While I would expect to see dolphins if I visited certain places in Florida, Kentucky doesn’t have a beach, and I never heard of any fresh-water dolphins in the state’s lakes and rivers, so what’s with that? Even the Newport Aquarium, which we visited last June, didn’t have any dolphins in it. I’ll bet if I turned the snow globe over, I’d find the words “Made in China” underneath, and whoever made it probably doesn’t know anything about either Florida or Kentucky.

I think I told readers previously about the foster care and adoption classes that Leive and I are attending on Thursday nights. The person who was supposed to bring refreshments last night dropped out of the course, so Leive volunteered to make pancit. Once she started cooking, though, she couldn’t stop; by the time we went to class; we also had fried rice and hot chicken wings to bring in. Boy, did the class have a feast! Hopefully somebody else will contribute their share for the last two times we meet.

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