The War On Terror by Numbers, Part 3

Enough already! Since I woke up yesterday, the media has been saying that last week marks five years since we invaded Iraq, and that we just passed the 4,000 mark for the number of Americans killed. I think even someone as obtuse as myself would get the message by now. But I’m going to ask the same question I asked when I wrote the two previous messages entitled “The War On Terror by Numbers” (see last August 25 and November 9): How many terrorists did our boys kill in return? Then I’d be in a better position to know if our painful sacrifice was worth it.

However, I won’t be holding my breath. Knowing the behavior of NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, NPR, and most other media networks these days, I’ll bet you heard nothing but crickets when they got to the other side’s casualty list.

While we’re on the subject of issues related to politics, you may remember when I wrote recently about the entertainment I’m getting from this year’s Democratic campaign. The attacks between Hillary and Obama supporters are the best example of a circular firing squad I’ve ever seen. I also pointed out how drawn-out this pre-convention campaign is. Whereas in 2004 we went from the Iowa caucus to the Democratic convention in six months, this year it will take almost eight months. That’s why I said I wished I held stock in Orville Redenbacher; what a time to be in the popcorn business!

However, today I got an awful thought concerning that. I’m probably going to run out of popcorn, long before this spectacle is over. Will I end up fighting with the parrot over his dried pellets?


Brin-Brin says, “NOOOOO!!!”

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