Barack Obama, a Modern Nemesis


In my previous message I wrote about the mainstream media’s latest attempt to derail a Republican candidate. Now I’m going to share my latest views on the Democratic campaign, along with some appropriate pictures.

As a guy who’s for term limitations, in all three branches of government, I’ve been dismayed at how political dynasties have come to dominate both of the major parties. Foreigners must wonder at our lack of imagination, inasmuch as we’re a nation of 300 million people, but for every presidential election since 1988, one of the candidates has either been named Bush or Clinton. Signs of both “Bush fatigue” and “Clinton fatigue” have been showing for a long time. For instance, Jeb Bush, the current Bush’s brother and former Florida governor, would probably make a fine candidate and president if he ran; he showed he was a leader after four major hurricanes struck Florida in 2004, and he gets along so well with Hispanics, that he’d have their votes for sure.  However, I don’t expect the Republicans to give Jeb the nomination if he runs, due to his last name, and the same goes for his good-looking son, George P. Bush.


Therefore I love what Barack Obama has been doing to the Clinton campaign. Bill and Hillary thought they had it all wrapped up, and that the Democratic convention would be more like a coronation. Hillary’s runs for the Senate, to use as a thinly-disguised springboard for the White House; the moving of all the primaries and caucuses earlier than ever; bringing back half of the old Clinton Cabinet from the 1990s, to manage a campaign calling for “change”; the appointment of “superdelegates” to keep the party rank & file from choosing a different candidate (yes, the party of populists is led by elitists); Bill hitting the campaign trail and boorishly telling listeners to a radio station in Knoxville, TN that he hopes they will “vote for me”; all that was supposed to give Hillary the nomination by now. They didn’t think anyone else could mount an effective challenge to them, and that the in-party battles would be over by “Super Tuesday,” so now they’re campaigning in states that they ignored before, like Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

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The ancient Greeks had a term for the overly proud, calling such behavior hubris. According to them, a force called nemesis would cause the downfall or disgrace of anyone guilty of hubris. Athenian playwrights often employed the hubris vs. nemesis theme in their tragedies, and Herodotus attributed the Persian defeat by the Greeks to Xerxes’ overweening pride, for “Zeus tolerates pride in none but himself” (Herodotus, VII, 10). Might I suggest that Barack Obama is the latest example of nemesis, to counter the hubris of the Clintons?

Now that Obama’s in the lead, Hillary has two options left: she can lose, or she can win by playing dirty. Neither one must seem very appealing, and knowing the Clintons, I expect to see the latter. She can use the superdelegates; she can try changing the rules in states like Florida and Michigan; she can try slinging more mud at Obama. There’s also rumors on the right about another act of “Arkancide,” to use the term coined for the bad things that have happened to folks who got so close to the Clintons that they were in the way. Examples of Arkancide include Vince Foster’s questionable suicide, Ron Brown’s plane crash in Bosnia, and James and Susan McDougal going to prison (James later died behind bars). Even animals have suffered at the hands of the Clintons; they gave away Socks the cat and got a Labrador retriever named Buddy, because the polls said labs are America’s most popular breed of dogs, and then Buddy got run over by a car, less than a year after the Clinton presidency ended.


Personally I have no plans to vote for Obama if he wins the nomination; there are too many unanswered questions about him. Still, even though I have a nagging feeling that Obama would be a tougher candidate to beat in November, I would rather see the known devil (the Clintons) defeated now, and worry about the unknown devil later. With the Democratic convention a full six months away (why are the conventions so late this year?), I don’t think this show will be over anytime soon. I’d better stock up on popcorn.


And finally, what’s going on at the Obama rallies? Now I’m hearing about women fainting when he makes speeches, and the crowd cheering when he blows his nose. For crying out loud, this is a politician, not a rock star or messiah! This didn’t happen when JFK ran in 1960, did it? When I heard around the beginning of this year that Oprah Winfrey was going to be campaigning with Obama, I thought there’d be cheering for other reasons (LOL).


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