An Update for Helena

(For anyone else reading this, this is my answer for the first comment on my “Nerdy Bird” message, dated yesterday.)

Dear Helena,

Thanks for the kind words and prayers. Yes, we’re all right, and it easily could have been worse. Most of the tornado damage was in Tennessee and Arkansas, though seven of the fifty-five killed were in southern Kentucky. And did you hear about the eleven-month-old that was thrown 300 feet, and was just found alive today? God had His hand protecting that kid!

When the wind gusts were keeping me awake, I was wondering if I should have worn the T-shirt I got after my last hurricane in Florida (October 2005). The one that says, “I survived Hurricane Wilma.”



It also occurred to me that the ten-year anniversary of the worst tornado strike in Orlando’s history is almost here. On February 23, 1998, tornadoes hit several communities in central Florida and killed 41 people, twice as many as Hurricane Andrew when it devastated Miami. The fatalities happened because it was after midnight, and I remember a lot of rain and lightning, so the victims probably didn’t hear the wind coming. The worst-hit towns were Kissimmee, Winter Garden and Sanford, the main communities on the south, west and north sides of Orlando. I escaped because I was living in Winter Park, which is northeast of Orlando. Then in March I worked a temporary job at Universal Studios Florida, and I was told that their new “Twister” attraction would not be opened until May. Officially it was out of respect for the lives and property lost to the real tornadoes, but I heard through the grapevine that the ride also had some bugs in it. For Universal Studios that’s not the only time that happened; I guess Disney is the only company whose theme parks seem to get everything right the first time.

Of course we feel the Lord is protecting us so we can carry out the assignment He gave us. Did you read the page entitled “A Mission From God?”

Take Care and God Bless,


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