White Dawn

It started snowing about the time I woke up this morning, and by the time I went to work, we had an inch on the ground, with a full-fledged snowstorm blowing more down.  The reflection of light off the snow was so bright, even while the sky was still dark, that I could turn off the outside lights, well before it was time to leave.  Naturally these conditions made driving treacherous; it didn’t look like the salt trucks made their tour of the roads before the snowing started, and even if they are out, in my housing development they only do the main road that runs through the middle.  As a result I skidded twice, once when I left the development and once on Man O’War Blvd; now that’s scary.  Didn’t hit anything, though.  After that I had to creep to work, going an average of 30 MPH on roads where it’s normally safe to drive 45-50.  At work we couldn’t see where the lines were in the parking lots, so we had to park wherever it looked right.  Mercifully, we weren’t issued any parking tickets when the snow melted and revealed where we really were.  Because of that afternoon melt, the roads and ground are almost free of snow as I write this.  Well, let’s see how long it lasts next time.

Something strange happened to the water at work; from every faucet in the building where I’m stationed, it came out yellow!  I suppose a bit of iron got into the supply; it looks thoroughly unappetizing, anyway.  My co-workers acted like it happens quite often in the winter.  For me, it meant I had to go easy on making coffee; the only water I trusted was in the little bottle I brought from home, and that was only good for two cups.  For the coffee pot I’m bringing in a full gallon jug tomorrow, just in case.  Usually that’s good for a whole week.

Last night my church had a special appreciation dinner for thirty members who have contributed the most to the congregation over the past year.  That included Leive and I, so we went to a hotel not far from here for that.  After we ate, framed cards were handed out to each family, with a personalized message telling why they’re special.  Here’s the message we got.  Quote:

Charles & Leive

What a blessing it is to have a new couple come to our church and add so much to our congregation in terms of participation and help.  Even though as individuals you bring different gifts, callings, and ministries, every one of them has been a real blessing to our church and a source of edification for many.  Not only this, we have seen a real commitment you have towards the helping of others and standing for the truth.

So with this in view we pray that the glorious Father whose Kingdom is to come bless you and keep you; may He make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; may He turn his face toward you and give you peace and victory over all your enemies, now and forever more.

Ekklesia Christian Life Fellowship

Unquote:  I think Leive did more to earn that acclamation than I did, since she hosts the ladies’ cell group every Tuesday night, but we’re not going to quibble over details.  As Gene King put it, I did my part when I brought Leive and Rezia here.  Besides, I may get to teach history classes eventually, the way I did in Florida.

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