Here Comes the Big Chill

It has been getting steadily colder for the past few days. Yesterday we got some snow in the middle of the day, and it looks like the big snowstorm of the season will come on Thursday. Today it was only 18 degrees in the morning, and we’ll probably get the same thing tonight. But the forecast for Saturday is a high of 21, and a low of 3! So far we haven’t had it too bad this season, but it won’t be long before we find out if we’re going to have another super chiller winter, like we did last February.

But never mind us; I hear there was also snow in Baghdad, and that only happens once in a century. Guess it’s time for Al Gore to go to the northeastern US and make another speech on global warming, before a blizzard grounds his plane (LOL).

Al Gore in Oswego

Last Wednesday our former home, Florida, was in the news again, because of a pile-up of seventy cars and trucks on Interstate 4 in Polk County, with three fatalities. All the pictures I saw were focused on the wrecks, so I didn’t see any landmarks I recognized, though I used to drive there every weekend. Thus, I can’t figure out whether it’s the stretch of I-4 around County Road 557, County Rd 559 (The intersection somebody named “Orlampa” as a joke), or 570 (where the beltway around Lakeland begins). They said the pile-up was caused by heavy fog, plus somebody’s bad idea to get rid of some brush with a controlled burn, filling the air with smoke.

Ironically, I remember how a few years ago, this part of I-4 was closed because of brushfires in Polk County’s Green Swamp; the authorities were afraid that an accident just like last week’s would happen. The Superbowl was being held in Tampa that weekend, and I’ll tell you one thing, the highway closing really made football fans miserable, because they could only get into the city if they came directly from the north or south, via I-75.

Speaking of bad weather, we had an appointment last Thursday evening, with the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, concerning the kids we want to adopt in the Philippines. Boy, that had to be the worst time of the year to look for a building, in a neighborhood I had never been in before. It was raining bad, tornado warnings had been issued for the counties southwest of here, and because it was already dark, I had trouble seeing anything. Still, we found the place just in time for our appointment, so it shouldn’t be as bad next time we come this way. The state wants us to attend ten weekly classes on taking care of problem children, whether we are adopting or want to provide foster care in our house; if we do it, the next session starts January 31.

And tomorrow we’ll be seeing another lawyer downtown about what needs to be done in Kentucky concerning the adoptions. This is the third one so far; Leive thinks the third time will be the charm. Keep us in your prayers, and next time I write, I’ll probably tell you how it went.

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