A Cold Start to the Year

Aside from the New Year’s Eve party, I haven’t talked much about what Leive and I have been doing for the past week, so here’s an update.

We got up to an inch of snow in some areas by the time I went to work this morning. It’s a lot colder, too; 11 in the morning, no more than 17 in the afternoon, and a wind chill in single digit figures. Indoors it is 68 on the main and top floors, but 52 in the basement, so as I write this, I’m wearing the old parka my Dad mailed up here in the fall of 2006. More of the same tomorrow, so I expect the snow to stay at least until Friday.

In central Florida it’s getting down to 26 tonight. I don’t remember it getting that cold at least since 1990. While nobody pays much attention to the first freeze of the season in Kentucky, except for gardeners and farmers, in Florida there’s a rush whenever the forecast predicts a low near or below freezing, with people covering up as many plants as possible. My parents picked as much fruit as they could off their trees, for example, before the freeze ruined them. Unlike other fruits, citrus will stay good indefinitely as long as it is attached to the tree — unless a night like this comes along.

Last Friday we met with another lawyer (we decided in early December that the first lawyer we met didn’t know enough about foreign adoptions) concerning the kids in the Philippines. This one knows what he’s doing, but he’s also terribly expensive, so we’re going to look a while longer before deciding who we want to go with.

We had an unusual church service over the weekend. Instead of the usual sermon from the pastor, we had what he called “Tag-Team Preaching,” where five members got up and each preached a ten-minute message. Gene King did the first one; each had a very different style, so I enjoyed the variety they brought.

On Monday Leive had an appointment with a physical therapist. It looked about the same as usual when we arrived (3 PM), but the Music City Bowl game between UK & FSU started at 4, so the place was almost deserted by the time Leive was done; I think she was the last patient in the place. That’s Lexington for you; nearly everything else stops when it’s time for a ball game.

Work got off to a slow start. In fact, for an hour and a half I was alone; one member of the project I’m on was sick and the other two were very late. And it sounded like only one worker was on the other side of the trailer. I guess some folks aren’t ready to put the vacation behind them yet. Well things should pick up after this; we’ve got the Iowa caucus tomorrow and my birthday next week, for a start.

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