Even a Duck Can Be a Sports Fan In These Parts




Occasionally I read “Mallard Fillmore,” a comic strip featuring a duck with conservative opinions. Yesterday’s piece, however, was not political at all, and it shows that the author, somebody from Charlottesville, VA named Bruce Tinsley, is a UK fan!

In the cartoon, the mallard with two right wings is wearing a cap with a letter “K” on it, and says into a telephone, “Huh…What party? It’s New Year’s Eve? Sorry…but I’m stayin’ home in my pajamas to watch Kentucky win the ‘Music City Bowl.'” Then he hangs up and thinks, “Wooo…Some people really need to get their priorities in order…”

Click on the link below if you’d like to check it out yourself.

Mallard Fillmore

By the way, UK beat Florida State, 35-28. The Wildcats are known for great basketball, but not great football, so this is the first time they’ve won two bowl games in a row since 1951, when the legendary Bear Bryant was coach. By contrast, FSU plays and wins a bowl game almost every year, so the Seminoles were a bit complacent; there was more blue and white (UK colors) in the stadium than garnet & gold (FSU colors), meaning the fans were mostly from this neck of the woods. Go Cats!

Two By Blue


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