I’m Dreaming of a Wet Hanukkah


It has been raining for most of the past three days. Maybe even longer, but I can’t remember now. It hasn’t been as cold (yesterday it got up to 63), but with the wet stuff we still have to wear jackets. I pass or cross over several streams when driving to work, and today I noticed they’re starting to overflow their banks. However, it’s still dry to the south of Kentucky; Lindy was surprised about the rain when we talked to her yesterday.

Speaking of Hanukkah, the church I attended in Florida had its annual Hanukkah play. Here is the online version:

The Spirit of the Maccabees

It was good to see how they’re doing, but this time it looks like they taped most of it in advance, with less of a live production at a Sunday or Friday service. Also, I only recognized half of the participants; has there been that much of a turnover since I moved?

Yesterday Leive and I visited a big church in Nicholasville, called Bethel Harvest, after some of its members visited our church a week ago and invited us. A nice place, if a bit preoccupied with their building projects; we’ll probably go back again some time. Leive and the pastor got along right away, because both of them see Lester Sumrall as a mentor or spiritual grandfather (Lester was active in the Philippines).

Finally, this past weekend marked one year since we moved from my second Lexington apartment, into our present house. Boy, has 2007 flown by or what?

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