Hanukkah Ham?


I guess you can sell anything with the right advertising message. Years ago I remember a cartoon about two butcher shops; one had a sign saying, “Today’s special: fresh, prime steaks,” and the other had a sign saying, “Dead cow meat, cheap.” Which ad do you think attracted more customers? Still, you have to wonder about a guy who absentmindedly offered a special on ham for Hanukkah. And this happened in New York, a state which until recently had more Jews than Israel! If I remember my history correctly, didn’t Judas Maccabeus fight and beat the Greeks so that he wouldn’t have to eat ham? Anyway, here’s the sign and the story for your reading pleasure:


New York store red faced over ‘Hanukkah hams’

And here is an offbeat story that makes you wonder why we ask the government to do simple things for us. The government of Scotland spent $250,000 and six months to come up with a new slogan to promote tourism, and they ended up putting “Welcome to Scotland” on signs in English and Gaelic. Sheesh, is that the best bureaucrats can do? It reminds me of the time when Orlando got tired of calling itself “the City Beautiful,” and the nickname they picked to replace it, “Oh, Orlando,” flew like a lead balloon. At least Kentucky’s advertising logo (a silhouette of a horse with the words “Unbridled Spirit”) shows some imagination.

New Slogan: “Welcome to Scotland”

I guess they didn’t want to remind us of other things that might attract visitors to Scotland, like the mystery involving kilts (LOL).

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