Some Fall Color

For a year I’ve had one of those “smart clocks” that sets its own time when you plug it in. I had a little trouble with it last spring, due to the hours of daylight savings time changing this year. Trouble came again this morning, since it was still programmed to go back an hour on the last Sunday of October, though Congress now extends this violation of nature at least a week into November. Consequently I got up thinking it was 7:30, only to find after I went downstairs that it was 8:30. Let the record show that the perfect machine hasn’t been invented yet!

In history-related news, I read today that a Dutch university believes it has a seal that once belonged to Israel’s most infamous queen, Jezebel. They’re 90% sure, not 100%, because part of the top is missing, and all they could read were the letters “Yzbl.” If the broken-off piece was there, presumably we’d have the rest of the owner’s name. I was interested in the Egyptian symbolism on the seal (the sphinx, the ankh, the cobras, etc.), because I know Egypt and Assyria were competing at the time to be the dominant power over the land between them. Seventy years earlier, the Egyptian king named Shishak in the Bible plundered Jerusalem, and then in 854 B.C., near the end of Ahab & Jezebel’s reign, Ahab led a coalition of twelve kings that defeated an Assyrian invasion at the battle of Karkar. Does this mean that in the superpower struggle of the early iron age, Jezebel took the side of the Egyptians?

Scholar claims ancient seal was Queen Jezebel’s

Finally, today we took a trip into the eastern Kentucky mountains to see some real fall color. Going out on the Mountain Parkway, through the Daniel Boone National Forest, was the easy part. Then I got off near the town of Campton, about 60 miles from Lexington, and followed side roads back by way of Beattyville, Crystal, Ravenna, Irvine, Waco and Richmond. Big mistake; Leive got carsick going up and down on those narrow mountain paths, and when I stopped at a gas station near Irvine, I filled up a gas can for our lawn mower and put it in the trunk, so we had to smell gas fumes the rest of the way back. I wonder how long it will be before we look back on that experience and find it funny?

Leive went shutter-happy on the first leg of the trip and took 172 photos of fall colors on the mountains and trees. We saw mostly yellows and oranges; last year there was more red at this time, but apparently that was delayed by the heat wave we had in September. Here are the ten best pictures from the set. Most of them are self-explanatory:










Hey, hey, hey, what a lot of hay!


I suppose any New Englanders reading this won’t be impressed by the pictures, but remember we’re a couple of ex-Floridians. In Florida most of the trees stay green all year round; the ones that do drop their leaves usually wait until December or even January to do so. Are you in the mood for Thanksgiving yet?

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