Fog and Drizzle

We got a little rain each morning for the past three days, definitely welcome after five months of drought. When it hasn’t rained we’ve gotten fog. I noticed a number of mornings with thick fog last fall, so I guess that’s the norm here. Yesterday the fog was so heavy that I could barely see, and went to work by way of the front gate. I’ve been going by way of country roads to the back gate since my current assignment started last month, but that’s the same place where I spun out on the ice last February, so I didn’t want to take a chance.

Our last piece of furniture for the basement, a wooden filing cabinet, finally arrived on Monday. We ordered it last March, and I kept getting letters stating it had been delayed, so I was coming to think we would have to cancel and order from someone else, like we did with the bunk beds last June. The cabinet is also disassembled, so I’m glad this is the last assembly job I’m going to have to do for a while. Next time I’ll probably order elsewhere; this is what Leive and I get for saving some money! (LOL) When the cabinet has been put together, I’ll put up the long-delayed page of basement pictures.

We had this week’s mens’ prayer group in the nearest Barnes & Noble coffee shop, since there were only four of us, and the host of the house where we normally go couldn’t attend. Not a bad change; we need something like that from time to time to keep us from getting in a rut. The pastor will be away next week, and he asked me to do the teaching. I’ve already done Genesis 10 & 11 in the past, so any ideas on what topic I should cover this time?

In response to the question to what I wrote last Sunday, I plan on rooting for the University of Kentucky again, when the Wildcats play the Gators next Saturday. In Florida the rivalry between the University of Florida Gators and the Florida State Seminoles is so fierce that fans consider the annual match between those teams to be more important than whatever bowl games they go to at the end of the year. It’s not unusual to see a bumper sticker down there that reads, “My two favorite teams are the Seminoles and whoever’s playing the Gators.” Well, my family tended to favor the Seminoles (my brother-in-law went to Florida State), so this is one of those cases where I can apply the Middle East’s principle concerning alliances: the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

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