A Change In Routine

I have said in the past that the best time to join any religious sect is in the first generation of its existence, before it has had time to turn into an institution.  Maybe that’s why we did something different today; the pastor probably doesn’t want us to get stuck in a rut.  Instead of the usual singing and praying, we had a potluck, followed by watching another Veggie Tales video, like the picnic we had at the end of June.  Here’s a few pictures I took there.


The first thing I saw when I pulled up was the inflatable bungee basketball court.  The object is to be the first to get two balls in your basket, before the bungee cord pulls you back.  We had both children and the young-at-heart on it; here two grown-ups have a go, Mike Hoke (left) and Ken Fortenberry (right).  If it looks like a lot of fun, well, it is.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to try it out before the pastor let the air out.


For the smaller kids we had a “moonwalk” playground, shaped like Noah’s Ark.


The chairs in the sanctuary were replaced with tables so we could eat.  You should be able to see Leive near the middle.  In the back corner is the screen that showed the video.


Leive outdid herself again.  She made, and we brought, the two dishes you see at the top:  a vegetable casserole (mainly carrots, zucchini and squash) , and meatballs with peppers, onions and barbecue sauce.  Yum yum!  Of course everybody liked them, and we didn’t have any leftovers to bring back.

Tomorrow I get ready for my trip to Milford, OH next week.  If anything interesting happens, I’ll let you know.

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