Christiane Amanpour Is On to Folks Like Me

Previously I wrote about meeting Sondra Baras, one of the leaders of Christian Friends of Israeli Communities, on more than one occasion, and how she is visiting Lexington again next Monday. This morning, I followed a link in one of her e-mails to Apparently they interviewed her earlier this week, and on the webpage was a video, narrated by CNN reporter Christiane Amanpour, about the growing friendship between Zionist Jews and Evangelical Christians. It began by showing Ms. Baras visiting a church in Melbourne, FL, that looked a lot like the church I attended for 25 years. And lo and behold, I recognized an old friend of the family in the congregation–Andy Benedict! No wonder the Benedict family chose that church, when they moved to Brevard County last year. I wonder if they introduced the Friday night service over there, with the candles and talit, that so much resembles ours? Friends and family, check it out:

Christians, Jews in Holy Land Alliance

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