Thanks, New Centrist!

Thanks for the clarification you wrote in response to my previous entry. Yes, it’s a different story in the southeast. I lived for forty years in central Florida, then moved to Lexington, KY in May 2006. There seems to be quite a bit of sympathy for Israel here in Kentucky, but only a few Jews; much of what my friends know about Judaism comes from me. Did you see my entry from January 26, where I told how it’s hard to find a good bagel here?

I forgot about the Paleo-con factor. Maybe it’s because the leading Paleo-con in Orlando, Charley Reese, retired in July 2001. I hate to think about how he might have interpreted 9/11, had he kept writing columns a few months longer. When I first read him, he was a great defender of Israel, saying the United States could learn a lot from the Israelis. Then something happened, and my first inkling of it came when he wrote a piece in 1989 entitled “Israel must negotiate with the PLO.” From then on it was a steady stream of anti-Semitism, a la Pat Buchanan. To this day I have wondered if the Saudis bought him out, or if an imposter kidnapped/eliminated the real Charley Reese and took his place.

For what it’s worth, I bookmarked your blog for future reference. Have a nice day!

One response to “Thanks, New Centrist!

  1. Wow, my own post on someone else’s blog. I need to be thanking you! Seriously though, glad to provide my perspective. Feel free to stop by and visit “The New Centrist” any time you like. Here is a recent history-related post:

    Ministry for State Security Archives (GDR): Is “Stop or Liquidate” Order a Major Discovery or Old News?

    My condolences on your family’s recent loss. Take care of each other.

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